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You may have doubts but all you need is a small seed of belief and faith. Don't give up yet. You're so close to where you want to be.

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Laugher is the best medicine. If you're heart sick then seek out an opportunity to smile. Watch comedy. Visit a comedy club or look up terrible dad jokes to share with friends at work. It's good to be funny during times of stress. Your best friendships are there to support you through life.

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You were not meant to live in isolation. Find your tribe and if you have close connections that you have neglected, reunite the bond by getting back into touch. Share of your heart and spirit and you will see doors in the hearts of others open to you as well. When you share your life, it makes you and others happy. Be patient. Soon you'll see the miracle you're asking for come to you.

When you have waited for so long, you can lose hope, but for now, hang in there. Good things are on their way. Keep your life simple and don't make what's easy complicated. Virgo, in love, you're not always the one willing to commit right away unless you're certain the element of stability is there for you. True love takes time to build, and if your significant other is sincere, they will value this trait in you rather than feel threatened by it.

Libra, if you're single, don't settle for a short term person who will only break your heart.

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If you're interested in a long-term relationship, look for the type of person you can trust with your whole being, since that is what you're willing to give in return. You are worthy to get the love you give. Scorpio, there is hope for a long-term relationship. You may want a union that not only gives you emotional support but encourages you to work together as a team to build financial security and emotional trust for your future. Believe that this is possible and you'll find a person who wants the same.

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The future for your love life is bright. Sagittarius, your natural desire is to provide and give love that nurtures and heals. You are acutely aware of what needs to be done to provide the most loving experience for those that depend on your affection and support.

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You find a way to be that person who encourages with kind words. Capricorn, your relationship is a blessed union between souls that can bring each other much love and support.

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Aim to encourage each other onward to be the best version of yourselves as individuals and as a couple for the happiest lasting love relationship of all. Aquarius, love is a work in progress. Sometimes two people in a relationship give all that they have but one falls short. Today, there may be one partner who feels like they are giving more than the other causing a sense of imbalance in the power of the partners.

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