Gemini and gemini moon compatibility

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Sagittarius daily horoscope Sagittarius weekly horoscope Sagittarius monthly horoscope Sagittarius horoscope. He is a vivid, energetic and eternally young person who has multiple faces and in the constant movement knows how to change the rules of the life, and to prosper from them. He hates habits and in some way obligations, but he sees it as the ability to make his own life rich; by using his ability to adapt to the spirit of a time, and it is left to the circumstances.

Moon in Gemini - Your Gemini Moon Sign

This person is very flexible, changeable as time, today he is here — and tomorrow who knows where. He has a very developed feeling for practical, and the variability depends on subsequent, often wiser thinking. He likes to do many different things at the same time, and he has the energy for all of that — one thing that he needs to be careful is the possibility to have unstable life, so he needs to learn to concentrate, not to act impulsively.

This is one person, who often tries to simplify his life with more concise and concise forms, and in this sense, he can be extremely lazy — this cannot always be a solution, no matter how imaginative this person can be and often is. Sometimes, in the life of the person who has Sun and Moon located in the same sign, the Gemini sign can happen to crawl over an excessively difficult problem or an obstacle, and that he is hastily bypassing and, if he thinks of it, he forgets it. If he does not reach the goal he originally assigned to himself, he will simply be determined by the other, and a series of success will be interpreted as a series of experiences that lead something indescribable, in any case to the realisation of his personality.

And this by itself is not a bad thing, but sometimes goals should remain the same for a longer time, and the success will be greater. He does not get anywhere by this attitude — he is unable to focus more permanently, to penetrate the essence of things, he overlooks opportunistic situations, changes his interests. Reality is perceived as an abstraction: the facts are less important than the way in which they are perceived. Today, he is here tomorrow, and he cannot adapt and avoid the discomfort that will eventually come.

Being flexible always has two faces — one is good, because the person can adapt well to all conditions in life, and other is negative since the person forgets his original path. When it comes to love, this human being who has Sun and the Moon located in the Gemini Zodiac sign, surprisingly, will find true happiness when connected in a serious way, or even a marriage.

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There is no doubt that this smart person, has an original idea of the world is attractive to others, and he has no problem in finding a lover. People can be even fascinated by him, his originality and approach to life. But his need for a change can be disastrous, that even when he finds someone who he likes, he might change, just for the sake of change.

Gemini Compatibility - Astrology Companion

But when he feels like it, this is the man that will find true happiness in love, he will remain to be funny, but he will become more protective toward his lovers. However, he should always strive to find himself, to be appreciated by others. Even a Gemini moon who has a Taurus or Scorpio sun, will struggle with patience, perseverance and restlessness. The Gemini tendency to gossip and use information for personal gain is more of an issue for the Gemini moons than the suns. It isn't that Gemini moons have evil intentions.

It's more like information and facts are their play things.

They are fascinated by them and enjoy using them, experimenting with them, and basically, seeing how much they can do with them. They are also so good at noticing quick fixes and easy ways out of sticky situations, even if they aren't necessarily the most honest avenues to take.

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Then, once they see the easy way out, their quick, restless nature tends to jump on them without contemplating the long-term effects. The same dynamic is at play with gossip. Gemini moons are alert and observant.

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  • They pick up information quickly and can put pieces of information together to quickly understand themes. With all of this information spinning in their minds, their restless nature just can't keep it all in. They have to let it out.

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    Unfortunately, because it is the moon's nature to act in a self-protective manner, they easily slip into situations where they use gossip and information to further themselves even if it's at the expense of others. Again, this isn't necessarily planned and thought through beforehand. It is the quick, clever, restlessness that leads them into these behaviors. Some Gemini suns are more talkative and social than others, but regardless, there is always a dry, wryness about them.

    They are critical and can't resist expressing their criticisms because it is a way to demonstrate their intelligence. Gemini moons are more cynical than critical, due to the moon's need for self-protection. They notice things and put them together just like the Gemini sun, but the self-protective nature of the moon uses these skills to guard against harm. Gemini suns experience this dynamic on a much more shallow level.

    They are more likely to talk about it and call people out when they sense dishonesty or notice an error. Whereas the Gemini moon is more likely to make a plan to either protect themselves or retaliate. When they speak about it, it is done indirectly to gain more information.